quality policy

Quality policy

The purpose of the management of DISTRIMEDICA is the continuous improvement in its organisation with the aim of providing the greatest satisfaction to all its clients, interest groups and appropriate to the external and internal context of our organisation.

Our VISION is to be leaders in the integral processes of Logistics and Distribution of Hospital material and delivery of medicines at controlled temperatures that allow the total satisfaction of our clients.

This philosophy is achieved through the implementation of a Quality Management System, based on the Rule UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and adaptation to the Guidelines of November 5, 2013 on correct distribution practices for medicines for human use, which implies an added value to our services.

DISTRIMEDICA proposes quality objectives, necessary to meet the requirements of our services. o achieve the objectives, the organisation has a documentary system that is maintained and reviewed over time, ensuring compliance with current legislation and other requirements that DISTRIMEDICA subscribes to.

Within this policy, the objective of continuous improvement is present, both in the work methodology and in internal management, in the training of workers and periodic reviews of the Quality Management System through audits.

The DISTRIMEDICA Management is committed to guaranteeing the participation, collaboration and contribution of the training of all workers in the development and implementation of the Quality System, making them participants in its importance in the development of the organisation’s policy.

The Management ensures that the Quality Policy is periodically reviewed and communicated to all interested parties in order to make them aware of their participation in the management and development of the Management System.

Madrid on January 22, 2022



DISTRIMEDICA will apply a fuel supplement based on the variation
of the prices of automotive diesel published weekly by the
Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (www.mitma.gob.es).


The application table according to the average reference price euro/liter of Diesel fuel will be as follows: